Temper / Draw

Typically used in a post-process application, a temper/draw furnace is designed at the same hearth height as its companion equipment. Integrating into operational floors and manufacturing settings, a temper/draw furnace is a configurable solution for companies that require either batch or continuous heat-treating processes.

The goal of tempering or drawing is to minimize the brittle characteristic of hardened steel and reduce the negative effects of sudden cooling in a quenching batch. Tempering or heating steel followed by a separate cooling process is a required step for part-manufacturing companies across a variety of industries. Designed specifically for this step in the heat-treating process, our temper/draw furnaces can be configured to achieve optimal efficiency and operational flow.

Other heat-treating process associated with the temper/draw furnace are annealing, stress relieving and normalizing ferrous alloys.


  • Heating system: direct gas, indirect gas or electric
  • Atmosphere: with or without
  • Temperature: normal operating temperature range of 800 to 1,400℉ (426 to 760℉)
  • Temperature Uniformity ±10℉
  • Doors: one or two, depending on design configuration
  • Chain-driven or transfer mechanism
  • Heavy-duty furnace construction
  • Dedicated, automated stationary cart or manual transfer cart, or Powered Charge Car flexible for multiple pieces of equipment
  • Insulation: multilayered insulation techniques with offset seams
  • Automated: various levels available
  • Load capabilities: weight ranges include 1,000, 1,500, 3,500, 5,000 and 6,000 pounds, plus custom sizes
  • Controls: Eurotherm, Honeywell, SSI or customer-specified options

At Diablo Furnaces, we offer standard and customized sizes with a dedicated, stationary cart to automatically load and unload the furnace. To learn more about designing a custom temper/draw furnace solution for your company, reach out to us today.

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